ACSA’s new airport charges


As of 1 April, the Airports Company South Africa, the operating company for the country’s nine provincial airports, will implement new levies. While these charges are being levied at the airlines, the costs will no doubt filter down to the passengers, so expect ticket prices to rise to accommodate these additional charges.

The additional charges will be for:
Landing and parking of aircraft
Embarking passengers

Aeroplane fees

Prices for landing and parking are determined by the maximum take-off weight and differ depending on the starting point of the flight. Local flight landing charges range from $9 to $110; flights originating from Botswana, Lesotho Namibia and Swaziland range from $10 to $150; international flights will be charged between $12 and $185 in additional fees.

Parking fees will go into effect after four hours. Charges range from $7 to $350.

Passenger fees

Additional passenger fees are determined by the point of disembarkation. Local flights will incur a $12-per-passenger fee; flights to Botswana, Lesotho Namibia and Swaziland will need to pay $25 per passenger who begins their journey in South Africa; and international passengers will cost $32 each. Only passengers who do not disembark from an aircraft, and children under two years, are exempt from these charges.