Amadeus collaborates with SA tourism industry


Amadeus IT Group has announced an initiative that will see the creation of a new model for public-private collaboration in the tourism industry in South Africa.

This partnership will initially develop a new National Tourism Visitor Information System.

In addition, a new travel and tourism training academy will be established to accelerate skills development and create career opportunities for young South Africans in the industry.

The development of the NTVIS will have main components such as the Tourism Information Portal and App, the Tourism Data Hub and the Rural/SMME Booking System and Business App.

The second initiative will be the academy, which will be aligned with industry skills needs and the National Tourism Sector Strategy.

Key to the academy will be the active involvement and participation of the industry in ensuring that all skills training is done for a specific purpose and that the industry absorbs graduates.

The collaboration between Amadeus, tourism industry stakeholders, and the National Department of Tourism will be the first of its kind.

Thebe Tourism Group will act as the South African administrator and enabler of the project on behalf of Amadeus.