Amadeus: Keeping your travellers safe


The recent tragic events in Istanbul, Brussels, Lahore and the Ivory Coast have reminded us once again that we live in a world where effective Duty of Care has become a top priority for any organisation, no matter where you’re based.

It is hardly surprising that almost half of travellers polled in a recent survey by US-based Business Travel News (BTN) reported they feel less safe on business trips today than they did 12 months ago. The survey also showed that travellers are increasingly looking to their companies to ensure their safety and well-being whilst on the road.

More than ever, corporations have a very serious responsibility to provide travellers with safe transportation, lodging and travel support. They also need to ensure they are communicating with their travellers at all times so that they are available in times of crisis.

Despite their increased reliance on companies for safety, however, there are indications that travellers have become less reluctant to allow companies to ‘mine their data’ for the purpose of traveller tracking strategies.

The study also reported that following the recent unrest in the world, there is an increased recognition on both the part of the organisations and their travellers that measures should be taken and adhered to so that the whereabouts of those traveling can be known quickly should anything happen.

And this is where GDS technology can really help companies and TMCs support their business travellers.  Almost every respondent in the BTN Survey indicated they would agree to GDS tracking when they are travelling to a high-risk market.

Mobile tools allow corporations to send real-time prompts to their travellers asking them to check-in to confirm their locations and status. Mobile tools also allow companies to track their employees and receive notifications when the traveller leaves the ‘safety’ boundaries that the company has stipulated.

Amadeus recently commissioned a study into the mobile travel behaviours of African travellers and it is clear that they are ready to embrace mobile technology for their travel requirements. So what better way to track your travellers than through mobile technology?

Time to get moving with mobile technology? We think so!