Amadeus: What’s your Traveller Tribe?

Born in Johannesburg, living in Spain and working for a multinational company for the last 23 years, I’m set to join the ranks of the 1.8 billion people who will be travelling for business or pleasure in 2030. If you’re determined not to get lost in the crowd of road warriors, you’ll be pleased to hear that your ‘2030 self’ will more than likely be aligned to a Traveller Tribe or several Traveller Tribes based on your values, needs, expectations and behaviours, as well as your fundamental reason for travelling. At Amadeus, we place the traveller at the heart of our thinking. We’ve collected research around the world and identified six Traveller Tribes based on why people travel. When I think about myself, and try to identify which kind of traveller I am, a Simplicity Searcher or a Reward Hunter suits me the best. Which of these tribes fits you best? Obligation Meeters Your travel choices are restricted by the need to meet some bounded objective, from business travel to personal obligations such as religious festivals, weddings, and family gatherings. Simplicity Searchers You value ease and transparency in your travel planning and holidays above all else, and are willing to outsource your decision-making to trusted parties to avoid having to go through extensive research yourself. Ethical Travellers You allow your conscience to be your guide when organising and undertaking your travel. You have a heightened awareness of the ways in which your tourism spend contributes to economies and markets. Reward Hunters You focus on self-indulgent travel that will often mix a focus on luxury with self-improvement and personal health. Cultural Purists You use your travel as an opportunity to immerse yourself in an unfamiliar culture, looking to engage with a different way of living. Social Capital Seekers You understand that to be well-travelled is an enviable personal quality and you will exploit the potential of digital media to enrich and inform your experiences and structure your adventures knowing that you are being watched by online audiences. To which Traveller Tribe do you belong? Take the Amadeus Traveller Tribe quiz on our website ( to find out. Paul de Villiers, Vice-President, Africa – Amadeus