ASATA Column: Avoid travel burnout


If you’re sitting at an airport right now about to board yet another flight, the chances are your tolerance for airport lounges, hotel rooms and grab ’n go meals has started to dwindle and the ‘fun’ of living off an expense account just doesn’t seem worth keeping track of the slips.

Did you know that burnout was a major factor for over 1.3 million US business travellers last year? Excessive time on the road can wear down even the resilient worker. Good news, however, is that there are several ways of dealing with travel burnout. Of course, one of those is entrusting your travel plans to an ASATA-accredited travel company, but here are some other great tips:

  1. Reduce Stress Nothing will drive you to the edge faster than insecurity about travel plans. Make sure your Travel Management Company or Travel Agency has their finger on the pulse to the extent where they pre-empt any pain points along your travel journey. Your itinerary will have all the details at your disposal, but in the event of anything going awry, their 24/7 service will ensure they’re just a phone call away, no matter what time of day or night.
  2. Connect with home Combat burnout by keeping connected with your family and loved ones back home while you’re on the road. Often one of the biggest stresses for business travellers is the feeling of isolation and being disconnected from home. Ask your ASATA consultant to ensure there’s free, fast and uncapped wi-fi in your hotel so you can read your kids a bedtime story or have an online dinner date with your partner.
  3. Mix business and pleasure All work and no play makes a business traveller dull. Enjoy the sights and sounds of a new destination. Take a few days to enjoy it from a leisure perspective, or enjoy it like a local during your free time. Take a run through a local park, see a concert, show or match, or eat at one of the local foodie haunts. Ask your ASATA-accredited travel consultant to give you some suggestions, or even put together a great bleisure trip for you and your family.
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