ASATA Column: Big Data needs the human touch

We all know that Big Data is the answer if we want the ultimate personalised travel experience of the future. Our future travel experience will be uniquely tailored to our needs. We won’t have to speak up – our data will unlock a whole new world of possibilities and customisation. We won’t have to explain our preferences anymore – they will all be recorded and automated to provide us with the most incredible travel experience. Not so fast Big Brother! You see, data without the human touch is just that: data. Human insight is essential. Only by pairing technical capability with sound decision-making skills can data-driven insight unlock transformative experiences. According to a recent survey that EY conducted with Forbes Insights, organisations are investing heavily in data collection but are often struggling to derive value from it. The reasons? Without the human element, analytics is an informative tool to create a bank of information. However, to create value from big data, you need to intelligently analyse, review and act on data findings. According to the EY study, data analysis should be performed by someone who knows your organisation – someone who is fully aware of the business objectives in the context of culture and leadership who will inspire the right line of questioning. The 21st Century ASATA travel consultant is that expert when it comes to your travel intelligence. They can analyse your travel data and turn it into smart data, which will allow them to make personal recommendations on your travel policy and business travel. Your travel consultant will even go one step further. He’ll be able to consolidate the data of your company to drive supplier negotiations and performance, as well as obtain savings. The data-driven insights provided by your ASATA travel agent can create value – including reducing risk and improving performance – that positions your company at a competitive advantage. However, according to the EY study, using big data as a transformative tool needs big judgement – human judgement – to drive business change that leads to a better working world and travelling experience. And that’s where the ASATA travel agent will bring you incredible value. Otto de Vries CEO: ASATA