ASATA Column: Choose your stopover hubs wisely


Nobody likes getting stuck at the airport, least of all busy business travellers for whom getting to a destination as quickly as possible is one of the highest priorities.

One priority for business travellers, according to recent research conducted by Amadeus, is the ability to access corporate networks via wi-fi  as well as the ability to continue to work productively when on the move.

If connectivity during your trip is important to you, ask your ASATA travel agent to provide you with a brief description of where to best access wi-fi in the airport where you have a stopover.

However, if the ‘all work and no play’ attitude is not for you, some airports around the world have proven to be interesting playgrounds and are boasting all kinds of entertainment, from shopping to spa treatments, from mini golf to movies.

Here are a few of the activites available in airports around the world, which are sure to beat any possible layover blues:

Spas and saunas

Luxury spas are now standard features at most of the world’s major airports. The Cowshed Spas at Virgin Atlantic’s Clubhouses in the U.K. offers unlimited pampering opportunities with massages, manicures and pedicures.

Playing around

Singapore’s Changi Airport has everyghing from a rooftop pool to the world’s tallest slide in an airport. The Slide@T3 stands at a height of 12 metres, allowing you to pump up the adrenaline as you slide down at speeds of up to six metres per second.

At Hong Kong International Airport, you can brush up on you golf skills and play a round at the Sky City Nine Eagles golf course near Terminal 2, whereas in the CIP Lounge in Istanbul, you can shoot some pool, read a book in the library or reconnect with your inner child at the slot car racing course.

Tap your inner Van Gogh

Many airports have also started introducing art exhibitions in an attempt to ‘humanise’ the airport environment and ‘enrich’ the traveller experience. Miami International Airport often puts on displays, installations and rotating art works around the airport terminals, whereas Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport often features Van Gogh masterpieces.

Otto de Vries