ASATA Column: Stamp of credibility


At ASATA we are often contacted by travellers – business and leisure – who have been the victim of unscrupulous so-called travel providers.

There is no better way to guard yourself against fraudsters by working with an accredited travel agency that has the stamp of credibility from the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA) which has been championing the cause of travelling consumers for over 60 years.

ASATA represents over 85% of the travel industry, including the market leaders in the travel sector, who as members have committed to a stringent code of conduct, constitution and an ASATA Charter that guides their business practices and their dealings with customers.

By working with an ASATA-accredited travel agency, you can be assured of receiving professional service, ethical conduct and trustworthy behaviour, and that you are working with a market leader who has signed the ASATA Charter committing to this so that you can travel with peace of mind.

This ongoing commitment ensures ASATA members continue to meet consumers’ needs of value and security by maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism. Members who sign this Charter furthermore commit to being accountable and responsible in rectifying any violation of the ASATA Charter and to strive to prevent any recurrence.

The ASATA logo is a symbol of trust and our code of conduct, constitution and charter outline how our members conduct themselves with each other, and the consumer, requiring them to behave ethically, comply with the laws of the land and follow sound business practices so that the consumer is protected.

ASATA is an association that sets a high standard for travel service providers to adhere to and offers companies credibility in the travel industry.  By booking through an ASATA accredited travel agency, consumers are provided the assurance that the company is governed, not only by their own moral principles and ethics, but by a credible association that self-governs the travel industry in South Africa.

Disclosure, confidentiality and compliance are all contained in the ASATA code of conduct. All ASATA members pledge to conduct their business in a manner that promotes the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. ASATA members act with care and diligence, respect and courtesy and comply with all applicable laws.

Otto De Vries