ASATA members only on new government supplier database


A new central supplier database compiled by the South African government will list only ASATA-accredited travel agents and travel management companies.

ASATA and Treasury’s Chief Directorate of Strategic Procurement have over the past year conducted intensive research, engaged with stakeholders and end users, analysed spend patterns, looked at improvement opportunities and developed a sourcing strategy for travel and accommodation, including travel agents or TMCs, domestic accommodation, domestic car rental and domestic air transport.

One of the key outcomes is that travel will continue to be procured by departments and provinces, but that a specially-appointed task team will develop standard terms of reference for the appointment of TMCs, which will include their obligatory membership of ASATA.

“As such, only members of ASATA will be in a position to register on the new online supplier database. The task team’s responsibility also included the development of user requirements for a web-enabled Government Travel Directory on which all qualified hotel groups, lodges and B&Bs could advertise their services, similar to any travel directory but with government-established rates,” said ASATA CEO Otto De Vries.

A full code of conduct was developed on behalf of the National Treasury by ASATA, outlining the responsibilities of, or proper practices for, an individual, party or organisation, and forms the basis upon which government and ASATA members conduct business.