ASATA: What to look for in a TMC

An efficient Travel Management Company can save your company a lot of time, money and headaches. But what should you look for in the right TMC partner? What’s the difference between a good TMC and the ‘perfect fit’ TMC? The ‘perfect fit’ TMC…
  1. is customer-centric Does your TMC have a traveller-centric model? Do they understand the needs of the end user – the traveller? A great TMC will understand your travel pain points as well as the company’s business and economic contexts and goals. They’ll deal with your personal preferences to make your journey not only painless, but also pleasant.
  2. offers specialist advisors We all know how to book a point-to-point ticket online. But a great TMC will use their travel expertise, experience and knowledge of the company and traveller to ensure the right and experience to help travellers make the right booking, in a shorter period of time to suit their specific context.
  3. makes sure you are safe Duty of care is at the top of most companies’ list of priorities in these uncertain times. A great TMC will be aware of your company’s Duty of Care policy and book your travels accordingly. They’ll know where you are at all times and will alert you to any potential travel risks in advance. They’ll also be available to you 24/7 to assist when there’s an emergency.
  4. is up-to-date with technology You, as the ‘connected traveller’, move from channel to channel, expecting the same offers, prices and service whatever channel you choose. The ‘perfect fit’ TMC will leverage technology to pursue an ‘omni-channel’ strategy that delivers a personalised, 24/7 experience for you.
  5. has strong and transparent supplier relationships The ‘perfect fit’ TMC will entrust your travel to the hands of suppliers that have exceptional product and an impeccable reputation, as well as offer security in the event something goes wrong. He or she will also be transparent about any incentive or override commissions.
And finally, the ‘perfect fit’ TMC is ASATA-accredited, undertaking to help their customers travel with peace of mind and evolving to keep pace with travellers’ expectations of flexibility, personalisation and consumerisation. Otto de Vries
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