BON Hotels launches app


South Africa’s BON Hotels has launched phase one of its web-based mobile app, nicknamed BONNY.

“As our guests demand speedier and alternative options, in keeping with their always-connected lifestyles and latest devices, we have had to adapt to our guests’ behaviour and meet their digital demands, whilst still maintaining a personalised service,” said Guy Stehlik, CEO of BON Hotels.  

Using the protel Voyager platform, this web-based application is accessible via a customised link that allows you to access the services and facilities offered at each hotel any time, anywhere from your mobile device.

Phase one of BONNY will roll out in-house guest services, including ordering room service from your phone, having the mini-bar stocked, and perusing your invoice before checking out. You can also get the lay of the land by using the ‘getting around’ link, or peruse the list of in-house TV channels.

Phase two will see the application more focused on pre-check-in services, allowing you to book activities, tours, car hire and airport transfers, and check in online ahead of arrival.

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