Capago Offers French Mobile Biometric Solution


Capago South Africa is offering customers the option of applying for a French Schengen visa from the comfort of their office or school.

This is part of a new initiative from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Customers can now enjoy the luxury of maintaining their daily routine while Capago International takes care of their visa application, thanks to the French Mobile Biometric Solution.

Individuals, families and groups can have one of Capago’s dedicated teams visit the office or school of their choice to process both biometric data and visa applications.

Once the visa has been issued by the French Consulate General in Johannesburg, Capago International will have the passport delivered to a Postnet office of the customer’s choice.

For more information, call 087 231 0313, email, or visit

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 08h00 to 17h00.