ADVERTORIAL: Delta in Africa

A decade ago, Delta Air Lines led the way in linking the United States to Africa when it launched flights to Dakar, Accra and...

Advertorial – Hertz: Enhancing the experience

The business of car rental is not without its challenges; in line with Hertz Rent a Car’s progressive strategy however, the brand’s value-add product and service savvy is proving the perfect accompaniment to its core business – the Hertz Emergency Rescue Option (HERO) for example.

Advertorial: Afro Tourism – Telling the African Story the African Way

The world has always heard about Africa through the western voices – the story about famine, poverty and disease – but that is not the true picture of Africa. The real African story is best told by African voices.

Advertorial: ExecuJet – Putting your aircraft in the right hands

Owning a business aircraft can be complicated. Yes, there are huge benefits, but various international regulations can cause problems, which is why it’s important to put your aircraft in the hands of a quality management company that will handle everything from planning flight slots to crewing, administration, maintenance and potentially generating charter revenue.