Q&A: Back on track

In its nearly 20 years of operation, Birchwood Hotel and O.R Tambo Conference Centre has made a name for itself as the go-to venue for large corporate or government conferences. But the times are changing, and so is this stalwart establishment. Kevin Clarence chatted to Dylan Rogers about what’s been happening at Birchwood over the last 18 months.

An Eye on West Africa

Recent news that Hilton is to put $50 million of their own capital into a fund to help owners convert their hotels to one...

Q&A: RwandAir – On the rise

RwandAir, the national carrier for Rwanda, has big plans for a piece of the global air travel market. With one of the youngest fleets

Nairobi office space

Did you know that over 50% of African citizens still need visas to visit their African neighbours? Only 24% of African travellers can get visas...

An Eye on West Africa

There is no doubt that the arrival of so-called disruptive business models like Uber and Airbnb has generated more heated discussions on government regulation,...

Q&A: Continued investment

Q: What’s your view on the current state of the African hotel industry? A: It continues to be one of the fastest-growing and most vibrant...

Making travel safer

Female travellers are considered the fastest growing segment in corporate travel worldwide, representing almost half of all business trips, according to the Women in Business Travel Report, a study commissioned by Maiden Voyage. This rising

Data security

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder when you’re on the road? From the booking process to boarding a flight and checking into a...

ASATA: From agent to advisor

Are you a lawyer, financial analyst or customer service agent? Yours is a profession that’s been earmarked as one that could

ASATA Column: Thinking of going rogue?

Do you find it easier to hop online quickly and book that deal for that Jo’burg-Cape Town flight yourself, rather than going

Traditional travel management on trial

What travel industry stakeholders call ‘traditional travel management’ stands accused of failing to serve business clients’ needs in an environment where every new gadget,...

Q&A: Virgin Atlantic – Sticking around

Virgin Atlantic Airways is a daily visitor to Johannesburg and looks sets to remain a staple supplier of air travel to and from Africa. Liezl Gericke, Virgin Atlantic’s Head of Middle East, Africa and India, took some time to update Business Traveller Africa on the