Q&A: Lufthansa – A focus on innovation

South Africa is a primary growth market for the Lufthansa Group, but perhaps more importantly, the airline group has a greater

Changing the model

It’s been another challenging year for the airline industry, yet Comair – owners of the low-cost kulula.com brand and operators of

An Eye on West Africa

I was at the annual Africa Hotel Investment Forum in Nairobi in early October. Organised by Bench Events, which also holds similar conferences in...

ASATA column: ‘Over-tourism’ is a problem

Although it’s not a new phenomenon, over-tourism has received a lot of attention this year, with popular destinations and cities

Q&A: Air Mauritius – Solid and steady

Air Mauritius has built a reputation as a well-run African airline and important player in the industry, so it’s always a good time

Q&A: Hilton – Serious about Africa

Q: What are your thoughts on the development space in Africa? A: I like what I see. We’ve built momentum over the last 60 years...

Q&A: Comprehensive offering

Fancourt on South Africa’s Garden Route has built a reputation as a luxury golf destination, thanks to its three award-winning

ASATA: Breaking the bonds of urgency bias

We live in a world where taking quick action is prized above many other business traits; an ability to move quickly and decisively

An Eye on West Africa

If all goes according to plan – and there are many, many people working hard to make sure that happens – an amazing new hotel

Q&A: Betting big on Zim

Zimbabwe has gone through big change in the past year, and the Chief Executive of Rainbow Tourism Group, Tendai ..

ASATA Column: Thinking of going rogue?

Do you find it easier to hop online quickly and book that deal for that Jo’burg-Cape Town flight yourself, rather than going

An Eye on West Africa

I believe that (at least for frequent travellers) the two main things you remember about a hotel stay are the food and the staff. I