CemAir launches loyalty programme


South African airline CemAir has launched a frequent flyer programme.

Skyrewards offers members the chance to accumulate miles on each flight which can be redeemed for free air travel. The number of times you fly, the distance and the fare you pay all determine the number of Skyrewards miles you earn.

For example, if you fly from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein on CemAir’s Super Promo fare you earn 118 miles, but if you travel on a Premium ticket, you earn 413 miles.

You also need to ensure that your membership number is in your reservation before you fly.

Once you have accumulated 10,000 miles you will be eligible for a permanent Skyrewards card, but until then, you just need your number to start earning.

Tickets bought with Skyrewards do not cover VAT and other taxes.

Miles expire after two calendar years.

Skyrewards members will soon be able to qualify for free Skyreward tickets on Proflight Zambia’s routes from South Africa and within Zambia.