Commodore and PortsWood hotels bid to save water


The Commodore and PortsWood hotels in Cape Town – both Legacy Hotels & Resorts properties – are aiming to help save water and contribute to efforts in the drought-stricken Western Cape region.

Both hotels are putting in place restrictions such as removing all bath plugs and promoting a “bath-free” offering until water restrictions are lifted.

They will also be making minor adjustments to their plumbing systems to ensure maximum water conservation.

The hotels will also lower overall water pressure, reducing the water volume per toilet flush by 500ml without inconveniencing guests.

Hourglass shower timers will be added to all bathrooms.

Linen will be changed every third day instead of every second day in long-stay rooms.

In addition, all available grey water will be recycled and pools at the hotels will be covered until further notice.