Connectivity without the hassle


If you’ve ever forgotten to switch your cell phone’s roaming on when travelling out of the country, you know first-hand how expensive this oversight is. And if you do switch your roaming on, you know the frustrations of not having internet access when you need it most. Sure, it is possible to buy a local SIM and load data, but you risk misplacing your home SIM. All of these issues are null and void with Flexiroam, according to Daliso Ngoma, a local agent for the international Flexiroam brand.

Q: What is Flexiroam and how does it work?

A: Flexiroam is a data roaming solution that allows you to travel the world and stay connected in more than 120 countries. Flexiroam X is a thin microchip sticker that you stick onto your existing SIM card and can then use data roaming while you’re travelling abroad or at home. Combined with the Flexiroam X App, you get a total solution where you can top up your account and check your data balance, data coverage, and network connectivity conveniently. You purchase a starter pack from our website, which includes a sticker, an application tool and a data bundle. Once you’ve applied the sticker and installed the app, you just have to remember to switch between your home SIM and roaming SIM services when you travel.

Q: What benefits does it offer business travellers?

A: With Flexiroam X, you don’t have to buy multiple SIM cards, saving you money, and you avoid the hassle of removing and switching between various SIM cards each time you travel. The user-friendly app also makes it super convenient to stay connected while you’re abroad. Our honest price ensures that you won’t have to deal with bill shocks anymore. You also get smooth 4G/3G connection with Flexiroam X.

Q: Can Flexiroam be used in conjunction with onboard aeroplane wi-fi offerings?

A: Flexiroam does not currently work in conjunction with aeroplane wi-fi, however the company is working towards supporting it in future.

Q: Does the Flexiroam sticker affect cell phone functionality when customers are not roaming?

A: No, the Flexiroam X sticker doesn’t affect cell phone functionality when customers are not roaming. Your cell phone will work normally when you’ve switched back to your home network connectivity via the Flexiroam X app.

Q: Can you offer some rate comparisons on Flexiroam versus regular roaming charges on South African networks?

A: Our plan is 10 times cheaper than most of the plans offered by South African regular roaming charges.

Q: In which African countries does Flexiroam offer coverage?

A: We currently have coverage in 14 African countries: Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Republic, Egypt, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, and Zambia.

Q: Are there plans to bring other countries on board?

A: Yes, Flexiroam is constantly improving its coverage globally to better serve customers. We periodically update our coverage list on our website, so you can always check out our coverage before a trip.

Q: Is it possible for customers to get good roaming prices on talk time and SMSs while using Flexiroam?

A: Depending on the usage, customers can experience significant savings with Flexiroam as compared to other conventional roaming rates.

Q: Are there any updates/ improvements planned for the Flexiroam offering?

A: Flexiroam is aiming to continually improve its product in terms of coverage, convenience, cost and control. The company is currently working on a special cross border chat offering which will be launching soon.

Q: Where would you like to see Flexiroam in 10 years’ time?

A: Flexiroam aims to be a global mobile virtual network operator that excels in serving all mobile users with the best data experience worldwide. The company envisions itself to become one of the most frequently-used mobile service by users globally over the next 10 years.