Energy Champions get Wings


The latest class of ‘Energy Champions’ has graduated from Wings Energy Academy, a proprietary educational programme designed to give Wings Travel consultants an in-depth understanding of how the oil and gas sector operates and the insight to solve their clients’ travel challenges even more effectively.

The course focuses on four different roles in the industry – Roughneck, Derrickhand, Driller and Rig Manager.

It covers topics such as types of drilling platforms, exploration, typical rotational schedules, what life is like for a rig worker, the life cycle of an oil field, and history of the industry.

The final stage required Wings Energy Academy students to study one of their oil and gas clients in detail.

In addition, students had to identify ways in which Wings could enhance its travel management services to support the client’s business more efficiently.

Nine consultants at Wings’ Johannesburg office are the most recent to graduate as ‘Energy Champions’ after completing all four stages of the course.