Falstaff: the man and the hotel


The Falstaff Faircity Hotel is an intimate and elegant hotel hidden in the peaceful suburb of Morningside in Sandton. The inspiration behind the name of the hotel came from the Shakespearean character, Sir John Falstaff, a larger than life and likeable English fellow with a great love for people, known to be the life of the party and hospitable in every sense of the word.

We thought it would be fun to see how the nature of the man is played out every day like the hotel itself.

Great Spirit

It has been said of the Falstaff character – “Sir John carries a most portly presence in the mind’s eye; in him, we behold the fullness of the spirit of wit and humour bodily.” The Falstaff Hotel too embodies this spirit of wit and friendliness. We always talk about our guests at Falstaff as being members of a ‘family’ and our ‘service by design’ ethos runs throughout our friendly staff.


“Sir John comes of good stock, has been page to the Duke of Norfolk, but exchanges jests with anyone.” Our reputation is impeccable, but our elegant English-style luxury accommodations and friendly gourmet Bistro-style pub embody the hospitality for everyone that Falstaff himself radiated!

A Giving Nature

Falstaff gave generously of himself, sharing his sense of humour to please all. Here Falstaff the man – and the hotel certainly become one, as we also have a giving heart and are currently running a winter special to warm the hearts of our guests.

It is our ‘Advanced purchase rate’ special and as they say “Good things come to those who plan ahead!” So, book in advance, and you’ll save up to 15% a night!

It’s valid Monday to Sunday, but only until 31 December 2018, so contact us today to find out about the great extras that come with it too!

As Sir John would no doubt say – “Come and join us – and the sooner, the better!”