FCM Connect introduces new ‘Secure’ solution


FCM’s new next-generation technology suite, FCM Connect, gives travellers, bookers and managers critical safety and duty of care support via ‘Secure’.

Secure is a comprehensive risk management solution customised to each client’s requirements.

Its features include itinerary-based traveller tracking; colour-coded risk mapping; flight tracking for aircraft incidents or cancellation; real-time security alerts; and high-level country and city risk ratings.

In addition, Secure features a ‘report my location’ opt-in feature displaying the whereabouts of anyone in the organisation who is travelling and has reported in via Connect’s mobile app. The dashboard also allows managers to forward plan in terms of travel risk, as it displays a breakdown of employees travelling.

A trigger-based reporting feature means when a critical alert comes in, Secure automatically generates a report detailing travellers affected based on location and date range.

Secure also allows travel managers to set up monthly reports to evaluate the impact on their company’s travel, plan for the future, refine risk management policy, and develop traveller readiness.