Fuel shortage hampers travel to Nigeria


As the fuel strike in Nigeria continues, the fuel shortage is affecting business operations and travel arrangements.

Many international airlines are being forced to divert flights to neighbouring West African countries to refuel for the next leg of the journey, delaying arrivals and potentially causing passengers to miss connecting flights.

South African Airways flights from Johannesburg have been rerouted to operate via Accra (Ghana), although this delay is reportedly not affecting passengers who need to catch a connecting flight. “Flights from Lagos normally arrive in Johannesburg in the morning and this enables passengers with onward connections, especially domestically, to access their connecting flights,” SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali told eTNW.

Arik Air has cancelled two flights for today (26 May), and state-owned Nigerian aviation company Aero Contractors has grounded all of its flights for the time being.

According to eTurboNews, the crisis began weeks before the government elections on 29 March, with oil suppliers hit by tightened credit lines amid halved international oil prices, a slump in the naira currency, and unpaid government debts the suppliers claim amount to nearly $1 billion.