Increased airport security for electronic devices


According to Travel Weekly, following a recent terrorist threat in the United States, some overseas airports with direct flights to America have been ordered to intensify the screening of electronic devices.

In order to carry on operating non-stop flights into the US, airlines and airports are obliged to meet security standards set by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

If you’re flying to the US, either directly or via a UK or European hub, ensure that any mobile devices have enough power to switch on. Any phones, laptops, tablets and other electronic devices that don’t power up will not be permitted on the aircraft, and passengers may be subjected to further screening.

According to Reuters, officials have singled out mobile phones made by Apple and Samsung for extra checks.

The UK, France and Germany have all agreed to comply with the US demands, but it is still not clear how many airports will be affected, or if passengers will be delayed.