KLM launches space campaign


KLM has launched a promotional campaign – ‘Claim your place in Space’ – encouraging its customers to support Space Expedition Corporation, a revolutionary space project that aims to launch the first commercial space trip from Curacao as of 1 January 2014. The campaign, launched on www.klm.com/space, offers participants the chance to win a real space flight.

Participating is easy. On the 22nd of April, KLM will launch a special high altitude balloon from the Nevada desert in the US. It carries cameras and a GPS to monitor and follow its exact progress into space. As the balloon approaches space, it expands and eventually pops, its load floating back to earth on a parachute. Before KLM launches the balloon, participants can predict online, where the balloon will reach its highest point.

The most accurate prediction of this place in space will win a flight for two to Curacao, a stay at one of Curacao’s luxury hotels, and a unique space flight for one, aboard the SXC Lynx spaceship. With this campaign, KLM supports SXC in finding a way to make space accessible in a responsible, sustainable manner, promoting new technologies.

For more information visit klm.com/