KQ amends schedule


In preparation for U.S President Barack Obama’s visit to Kenya tomorrow (24 July), Kenya Airways has amended its flight schedule to accommodate the predicted disruptions at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

The affected flights are:

Friday 24 July
Arrival flights
KQ532/533 – delayed by 60 minutes
KQ670/671 – will depart 40 minutes early
KQ415 – delayed by 65 minutes
KQ113 – delayed by 60 minutes
KQ586 – delayed by 60 minutes
KQ726 – delayed by 30 minutes
KQ257 – delayed by 30 minutes
Departure flights
KQ310 – will depart 15 minutes early
KQ870 – delayed by 40 minutes
KQ720 – delayed by 50 minutes

Sunday 26 July
Arrival flights 
KQ608/609 – will depart 20 minutes early
KQ265 – delayed by 20 minutes
Departure flights
KQ670 – delayed by 30 minutes

According to eTurboNews, road closures are expected around Nairobi and particularly Mombasa Road, affecting those trying to reach JKIA. Local police communiqués have confirmed that Waiyaki Way, Uhuru Highway and Mombasa Road will be closed on Friday from 14h00, making the airport inaccessible until Saturday morning. All passengers who cannot change their travel plans for the weekend should make sure to reach JKIA early on Friday to avoid missing their flights.