KQ receives second Dreamliner


Kenya Airways has received its second Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as it steps up efforts to expand and modernise its fleet.

The second Dreamliner is expected to commence operations in July, flying between Nairobi and Johannesburg (South Africa).

KQ expects four more Boeing 787 Dreamliners by the end of the year. The airline received its first 787 on 5 April.

The Dreamliner is a modern aircraft with state-of-the-art features and consumes less fuel..

Other enhanced features include flat beds in the Premier World cabin, a quieter, smoother flight, lower cabin pressure, higher humidity levels and ambient mood lighting. Cutting-edge aesthetics include a more spacious interior cabin design featuring larger overhead bins, with custom-made seats in Business and Economy class, as well as cleaner air continuously circulating through an advanced filtration system.