KQ’s new Boeing


According to eTurboNews, Kenya Airways’ much anticipated B777-300ER, due to be delivered to the airline this month, is fitted with plenty of new and exciting features.

The aircraft has 28 Business Class and 372 Economy Class seats. KQ has installed a completely new line of seats in both classes. Economy seats will offer a double recline with the back rest and seat moving in opposite directions to create the feeling of more space while passengers rest.

In Business Class, KQ has introduced the latest technology flat-bed seats, which are wider and longer than the present generation in use across the long-haul fleet. Storage spaces are available for shoes, magazines and even laptops, and each seat features a universal power port besides the USB port, along with a 15.4-inch high resolution touch-screen TV.

KQ will also launch Sky Surf, its in-flight connectivity offering, on the new aircraft. The system will operate at an altitude of 10,000 feet and above. All portable devices, including laptops, tablets, iPads and smart phones, will be able to capture the signal and USB charging ports will be available at every seat.