Lufthansa now also on the Apple Watch


With the new Apple Watch, Lufthansa passengers can use their time-telling device as a boarding card and have their essential flight information displayed on their wrists, with an app developed especially for the device.

Passengers have access to all their essential flight information, which can be viewed from 24 hours before their flight during the various stages of their journey with Lufthansa.

The new app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store, connects to the conventional Lufthansa app on iPhones and iPads via Bluetooth. It uses technology that integrates all the flight-related data. It reminds passengers of their flight the day before their departure, provides continuous updates about the status of the flight, and displays the boarding time, terminal, gate and seat number. Just like a timer, it enables passengers to see – down to the very minute – how long is left until their scheduled boarding time. The graphics have been designed especially for the display on the Apple Watch.

These functions will initially only be available to Miles & More participants who are logged in to the Lufthansa app for iPhones or iPads. For passengers who do not have a Miles & More card, these functions will be available at a later date.

All passengers will also be able to display boarding cards saved in Passbook on their Apple Watch and use it for boarding. In addition, the watch will tell passengers what the current weather is at their destination.