Lufthansa takes A350 to Hong Kong


Lufthansa will be offering flights to Hong Kong on the Airbus A350-900 from 12 September.

Due to the flight distance—at 10,000 kilometres—Hong Kong will be served by two aircraft flying alternatively.

These will be the fourth and fifth A350-900 aircraft due to be delivered to Lufthansa on 12 August and 2 September respectively.

The A350’s maiden flight to Hong Kong will take off on 12 September at 22h30 and be welcomed for the first time in Hong Kong eleven hours later at 15h35 local time on 13 September.

The first of 15 A350-900 aircraft arrived in Munich in February.

By September, five of these aircraft will be taking off from their home base of Munich to fly to Boston, Delhi, Mumbai and Hong Kong.

The A350-900 has space for 293 passengers – 48 in business class, 21 in premium economy and 224 in economy class.

It uses 25% less kerosene, produces 25% fewer emissions and is significantly quieter on take-off than comparable types of aircraft.