Lufthansa and Tourvest unveil Direct Connect 


The Lufthansa Group and Tourvest Travel Services have unveiled the first New Distribution Capability (NDC) Direct Connect solution in the South African market.

As the first TMC in South Africa to fully implement Direct Connect, effective March, Tourvest will receive Lufthansa Group content using a new NDC capable distribution channel.

Tourvest will be in the position to receive differentiated, customised Lufthansa Group content.

Going forward, the differentiated offers made available to Direct Connect partners are envisaged to be further expanded and adapted continuously in order to meet the changing customer requirements. IATA’s NDC plays a key role in placing customised offerings along the entire customer journey, using a standardised language between different suppliers and agencies.

In addition to Tourvest, other agencies are currently engaged in similar projects jointly with the Lufthansa Group in South Africa.