Mango launches new look uniform


South African low-cost airline Mango recently debuted its new uniform on all flights and will this week roll out the new look across the country.

The new-look uniform was designed through a collaborative process by Mango employees and is manufactured in South Africa. By 6 March the carrier expects all staff will be donned in its new uniform.

Mango uniforms

“Mango opted not to pursue designer brands in developing our new uniform,” says spokesperson Hein Kaiser, “but rather sought opinion and contributions from inside the business. It was important to encapsulate the culture and heritage of Mango in the new uniforms while also upping the ante and appropriately representing the growth of our brand.”

The result is a sleek and professional look that also has some retro elements in it. Clean, tailored lines and softer hues are woven into the look. The flight deck moves away from a pure orange shirt to traditional white with orange trim and, in line with a retro feel, leather aviator jackets.

Mango uniforms