Mango partners with Tourvest Retail Services


South African low-cost carrier Mango Airlines has enlisted the expertise of Tourvest Retail Services to facilitate the purchase of onboard food and beverage, along with supplying a duty-free retail solution for its customers.

According to Mango, it will be working with Tourvest to develop new food and beverage products that will include a broader range of spirit miniatures and snack box options, amongst other new products.

The Tourvest technology will include an omni-channel e-commerce solution, incorporating retail within the traveller’s booking journey either via Mango’s website or own mobile device application.

Tourvest will introduce their inflight electronic point of sale device, allowing customers to purchase products inflight through multiple payment types.

Product demand will be met through the use of Tourvest’s demand forecasting tool, together with the introduction of their warehouse management system and operational solution design to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

This will ensure that product distribution to the aircraft is on time and within the multiple locations that the airline services, thereby assisting with on-time departures.