More legroom on Mango


Mango’s new seat roll-out is set to commence this month. The new seats will replace the carrier’s existing sets during a replacement programme, due for completion by April 2014.

The addition of two new generation Boeing 737-800 aircraft will be the first to sport the new seats, which will increase legroom.

More leg room on Mango

“The new seats will increase legroom by between 6 and 7.5 centimetres, depending on where you are seated,” says CEO Nico Bezuidenhout. “There is no reduction in our seat density either, with a 186 guest load remaining a consistent throughout our fleet.”

Bezuidenhout believes the new seating will provide Mango with an additional competitive edge, over and above its onboard Wi-Fi capability and distribution accessibility.

The new seats are also slimmer.

“The seats are also more lightweight, with a saving in excess of 1.7 million tonnes in carbon emissions annually, due to less fuel burn, once the programme is completed,” says Bezuidenhout. “The savings in fuel allows Mango to lower its cost base even further, making it possible to contain fare affordability even more.”

The first two aircraft in Mango’s fleet to feature the new seats will be in service from the end of August.