New planes for Mango


South African low-cost airline Mango will receive two new Boeing 737-800s in August. The fleet additions will sport the first set of new-look, environmentally friendlier seats.

Additional flights are scheduled for the Johannesburg-Durban, Durban-Cape Town and Cape Town-Johannesburg routes.

Mango is currently investigating both new domestic routes and regional destinations.

“We have applied for a schedule operation to two East African destinations and are presently in the final planning stages for a seventh domestic port,” said CEO Nico Bezuidenhout.

Mango currently operates charter flights to Zanzibar on behalf of tour operator AfricaStay.

The new seats will save approximately 820 kilograms in aircraft weight, resulting in overall emission reductions of up to 1,7 million tonnes of CO2 annually, upon completion of the seat replacement programme. The existing fleet will be added to the programme once the new planes are in operation.

Mango has already reduced fleet weight by 270 kilograms per aircraft, with overall weight savings of the new fleet additions amounting to 1,090 kilograms each.

Mango will also launch a Durban base later this year, with permanently stationed aircraft enabling the airline to provide an improved schedule to and from the city.