Room service losing ground to takeout orders


According to Hotel Management, room service in America is losing its popularity, or so says data from GrubHub, a Chicago, USA-based online food-ordering service. Instead, more hotel guests are choosing to order takeout.

While revenues from room service declined 9.5% from 2007 to 2012, according to PFK Hospitality Research, GrubHub found that takeout orders to hotels increased 125% in the past three years, after analysing orders delivered to 8,000 hotels across the country.

GrubHub has a network of 29,000 restaurants in 700 cities, according to the Wall Street Journal, and found that on average, hotel diners spend about 11% more per order than other diners. Hotel guests in mid-sized cities also tend to order in more often.

Other findings from GrubHub include the fact that men are about 54% more likely than women to order takeout meals, and that orders peak early in the work week, with fewer orders from Friday through Sunday.