Rwanda set for 4G cellular launch


According toeTurboNews,a joint venture between the Rwandan government and Korea Telecom will see the launch of 4GLTE services across the country from next month.

Rwanda is already a leader in the field of ICT services in East Africa, and the launch of wireless high-speed broadband services will only enhance Rwanda’s reputation in the region and beyond.

Rwanda has invested in over 3,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable across the country, and has the ambitious target of connecting 95% of its population and areas of the country to 4G services by 2017, with the goal of ultimately boosting GDP by a massive 10% or more. Visitors to the country already enjoy free wireless 3G internet in many parts of Kigali, and this service is expected to be expanded as time goes by.

Telecoms companies in Rwanda have reportedly imported 4G devices that will shortly go on sale, though tariffs from the three main providers for the new 4G service are at this time not available