SAA extends Voyager redemption period


According to Traveller 24, South African Airways has extended the redemption period for AnyDay and MileageKeeper Awards until 28 February at 23h00.

The airline recently revamped its Voyager programme and while the majority of its members were happy with the equity-based RE5 programme, the airline has decided to extend the redemption period in order to accommodate certain loyalty programme members who feel they may be losing out. 
SAA Voyager changed from a mileage-based to a revenue-based frequent flyer programme on 1 February. 

“It was well understood that members who have earned Miles as per the mileage-based model, could feel disadvantaged by the revenue-based redemption model when requesting high yield fares, and therefore all members were given 64 days to exercise their right to redeem Miles as per the mileage-based model if required,” said Suretha Cruse, SAA Executive Customer Loyalty.

SAA Voyager’s new value proposition enables members to earn Miles at 1 Mile for every R1.60 spent on the base fare and fuel levy paid when travelling on SAA-operated flights.

SAA Voyager has furthermore negotiated discounted fares for its members, compared to the available fares to revenue passengers. These discounts, which may vary between routes and regions, will be passed onto members when Miles are converted to the required ZAR value for an SAA-operated flight for redemption purposes.