Sandton is conference heaven


Sandton, Johannesburg, is a vibrant business hub and said by many to be the ultimate conferencing area.

One of the reasons is its flexibility when it comes to conference venue offerings. When you plan your annual conference, it is one time that size does count.

There can be nothing worse than a few delegates milling around in a massive room that, when it is half empty, is just a hollow space where the speakers’ voices echo so badly they can’t be comprehended.

Just as bad is a crowd of delegates squashed into an inadequate space where they will want to kill each other after a couple of days of jostling for elbow room.

So it is a good idea to head for an area that is not only seen as the financial capital of South Africa now, but where you have the widest choice of conference venues.

Here are three reasons why you should look to Sandton for your next conference.

1: The Sandton Convention Centre

The Sandton Convention Centre, right in the heart of Sandton, offers everything for those wanting to hold anything from medium to very large conferences, receptions or even exhibitions. It is stylish and well-appointed and close to the Gautrain from the airport and Pretoria.

2: Two excellent intimate accommodation and conference venues

What the Sandton conference centre doesn’t offer however is the great accommodation and the warm English-style hospitality and comfort offered by both the Quatermain and Falstaff Faircity hotels. In close proximity to the Sandton business hub, both are in a quiet leafy area that offers a relaxed country atmosphere and excellent small intimate ‘boardroom’ style and medium-sized conference facilities for delegates of up to 30 people.

3: Great conference specials

Both these venues are offering ‘winter warmer half and full day conference specials’ which, at an extremely reasonable rate, offer venue hire and setup, all standard conference equipment, excellent catering throughout the day –  free wi-fi, parking, notepads and pens and mineral water.

Their conference-specific trained staff always practice the Faircity ‘Service by design’ ethos, so contact them to book today for this much sought after, seasonal special.