Share your memories with Diners Club


Diners Club South Africa has launched the ‘Share Your Diners Club Memories’ campaign through its iPhone application, the Diners Club SA Travel Guide. The campaign gives app users the opportunity to share postcard memories with friends and family, while using their iPhone to explore South Africa.

Powered by Cape Town-based travel technology company, Tourism Radio, the Diners Club SA Travel Guide contains detailed information about hundreds of points of interest across the country. High-quality audio information on historical monuments, cultural hotspots, museums, scenic sites and other attractions that play automatically as the user approaches them.

The app offers a seamless travel dialogue, while allowing the user to explore Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth in their own time. A number of Diners Club Wine List award-winning restaurants are included in the app, so users are never short of opportunities for fine dining.

Download the free iPhone app here: