Two SA airlines reduce fuel levy


After the recent drop in the international oil price, two South African airlines have announced that they will reduce their fuel levies and pass savings on to customers.

While the reduction in the price of jet fuel does not correlate directly with the fall in oil price, airlines have enjoyed some reprieve.

Both Airlink and low-cost airline Mango recently announced that they would reduce fares on all routes.

However, according to IOL, Comair, owners of, and SAA said they were unlikely to follow suit.

Erik Venter, Chief Executive of Comair, said that despite the recent oil price decrease from more than $100 to under $50 a barrel, consumers were not likely to see a decrease in air fares and, more specifically, the fuel surcharge.

“The rand price of jet fuel remains volatile and has not seen as significant an improvement as the oil price alone would suggest,” he said.