Wings Travel sets up in Mozambique


Wings Travel Management is establishing an operation in Mozambique to support clients who are moving into this market, following the discovery of some 85 trillion cubic feet of gas reserves in 2011.

This month Eni SpA led a group that signed off a $7 billion investment to start drilling and processing gas from floating offshore platforms in the Rovuma Basin.

Over the last 25 years, Wings has carved a niche as a global TMC providing high-touch complex travel and support services to clients in the energy, marine, security, specialist finance and engineering industries.

Wings Travel Management says that their business model is based on establishing wholly-owned and controlled operations due to the nature of their clients’ complex and often hazardous requirements.

Recently, Wings bolstered its commitment to traveller safety support with the launch of goSecure™, a sophisticated travel risk management and alert portal, enabling Wings’ consultants to locate and communicate with travellers and bookers accurately and rapidly during a crisis.