Air France and KLM to offer Wi-Fi


Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have installed Wi-Fi on board two Boeing 777-300 planes and will conduct a trial phase throughout the rest of 2013.

Passengers flying either the Paris-New York route on Air France or the Amsterdam-Panama route on KLM, can now send text messages and emails, and surf the Internet during their flight. An in-flight website offers a range of free services, including live television news and sports channels, relevant airline and destination information.

During the pilot phase, hourly and full-flight fees will be offered. It will be 10.95 euros per hour or 19.95 euros for the full flight, applicable for all classes. Travellers can pay for their Internet access by credit card. Mobile phone usage (for text and data) will be billed to the phone users according to their own roaming agreements. Wireless service — whether the on-board portal or satellite Internet — will commence once the flight has reached 20,000 feet, shortly after take-off.

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