Coming out fighting

The water crisis may be over, but the hard work for Cape Town has only just begun. That’s because there is much to claw back...

Nigeria: Holding steady

Nigeria has been referred to as the ‘Giant of Africa’, but the continent’s colossus has taken some body blows over the past few years. The...

Private aviation: poised for growth

The size of the African aviation industry is nothing to be sniffed at. It apparently supports $55.8 billion of economic activity and 6.2 million jobs...

Full steam ahead

It’s been a difficult few years for some of Africa’s biggest economies, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s big hotel groups from continuing to...

Paris: a European treasure

Paris has a long and interesting history, having first been settled in the third century BC by a Celtic tribe called the Parisii, which...

Down, but not out

Nairobi has had a tough year. First there was the January terrorist attack at the 14 Riverside Drive complex, followed by a fresh outbreak of...

Mad about tech

Technology is playing an increasingly bigger role in travel management, so what’s the best approach and how do TMCs get the balance right, without neglecting the human element of service?

Moving with the times

Cars remain a vital component of land travel for much of Africa. Whether you rent a vehicle, drive yourself around in a private car, catch a lift with a friend, flag down a taxi or book an Uber, the humble and hardworking automobile is the vehicle that gets you

Premium travel re-defined

There’s a different face to luxury or ‘premium’ travel. Gone are the old perceptions of what ‘luxury’ constitutes, as a new type of traveller has...

Full steam ahead

Whatever we think about the pace of change in our everyday lives, technology has been right at the core, enhancing and personalising our experiences like never before. And nowhere is this truer than in the travel world, where technology has positively

Be Different

It used to be enough in the conference – or ‘events’ – space for suppliers to offer a large-enough venue and a few basic supplies at a reasonable price to secure clients.

The Personal Touch

Loyalty programmes are changing all the time, as suppliers in the travel space continuously look for effective ways to reward their