ASATA Column: Big Year Ahead


When I arrived at ASATA just over a year ago, I was tasked with the role of implementing the new strategy of Compliance, Consensus and Confidence. This strategy is intended to entrench ASATA’s commitment to the travelling public, by ensuring that the members of ASATA are compliant in terms of legislation and best business practice. To this end, members abide by a strict code of conduct, which includes gaining consensus from industry leaders on all matters that influence the travel industry. This in turn provides the consumer with confidence when transacting with an accredited ASATA member.

Our primary objective for year one was to secure confidence from all our members and the industry at large in the value and benefits of ASATA. Secondary was to ensure that we had acceptable cash reserves. I am pleased to say that with just over a month to go, we have actioned or completed most of the activities that we believed would ensure that this was achieved.

With year two on our doorstep, we have begun finalising the plan that will drive this year’s strategy. Our primary objective will be to grow consumer awareness regarding the value and benefits of engaging an ASATA Member when booking travel products and services. The focus of ASATA must be on delivering on its vision and mission.

Vision – To champion ASATA members as the consumer’s channel of choice when buying travel products and services.

Mission – To support our members in meeting the consumer’s needs of value and security through developing and maintaining the highest level of expertise and professionalism.

To achieve our objective and deliver on the vision and mission, ASATA has identified six pillars of delivery, each underpinned by key drivers.

These pillars are:

  • IATA
  • Risk Management
  • Communication
  • ASATA Professional Programme
  • ASATA Conference
  • Revenue and Products

This year will also see ASATA hosting its conference on South African soil for the first time in four years. The industry will gather in Hermanus, at the African Pride Arabella Hotel and Spa from 23 to 26May.

Otto de Vries