Dreamliner delivery for Qatar


Qatar Airways has become the first Middle Eastern airline to take delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Space, comfort and luxury are key features of the aircraft, with Qatar Airways working closely with the manufacturer to have custom-made seats fitted.The aircraft is also the world’s first 787 to be fully connected with wireless facilities, enabling all passengers in both Business and Economy cabins to remain connected with the ground through Wi-Fi and GSM telephony options, allowing for the sending of both text and MMS messages.

Personal power ports are available in every seat, equipped with USB, MP3 and other charger ports, including laptop power outlets. The fully interactive inflight entertainment system offers more than 1,000 video and audio options to every passenger. The Dreamliner is the first mid-size airplane capable of flying long-range routes. Qatar Airways’ customers will experience improved lighting, bigger windows, larger overhead bins, lower cabin altitude and enhanced ventilation systems, among other features. The new 787s feature a total of 254 seats in a two-class configuration of 22 in Business Class and 232 in Economy. With a 1–2–1 configuration in Business Class, the layout features two less seats than competitors on conventional wide body aircraft. There’s also a 22-inch wide armchair that converts at a touch of a button into different cradle positions, before reaching an 80-inch long, 30-inch wide flat-bed offering great legroom.

The 787 is quieter than other aircraft, with the largest windows in the industry and first-of-its-kind electronic touch pad controls to adjust the amount of light entering the cabin. Dynamic mood lighting throughout the aircraft helps passengers adjust their body clocks according to the change in time zones, as lighting is automatically altered during the flight.

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