Emirates Boeing 777-300ER Business Class



Emirates Airlines, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, is wholly owned by the Dubai government and flew its first routes out of Dubai in 1985. Today they have a fleet of more than 160 aircraft, and currently fly to over 100 destinations in 66 countries worldwide.


Check-in at OR Tambo International was quick and simple, with the ground staff welcoming and professional. I was particularly impressed with the Business Class luggage allowance of 40kg (30kg for Economy). The business lounge was elegantly furnished and comfortable. It offered a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, snacks and more substantial meals, free Wi-Fi Internet access, a selection of overseas and local newspapers and magazines, and shower facilities.

Boarding and Seat

We were called on time for our flight, and boarding was smooth and efficient. As soon as we were seated, we were offered a selection of fresh fruit juices and French champagne. The flight was on a Boeing 777-300ER and the aircraft is configured with 12 First Class, 42 Business Class and 300 Economy Class seats. The Business Class seats are called ‘Sleeperettes’ and recline to an almost flat position. They are extremely comfortable with very good leg and foot support, are long enough for a tall traveller and wide enough to sleep on your side.

The Flight

The flight is about 8 ½ hours and I slept soundly for over five of those, as it was an evening flight, and woke feeling refreshed and surprisingly well rested. I normally struggle to sleep on aircraft and this was an indication of the comfort of the reclining seats. The spacious seating arrangement allows for privacy, and I really liked the adjustable divider screens between seats. On hand were a cushion, luxurious blanket, special noise cancellation headset and magazines. We were even given a mattress for our seats, which added to the comfort.

I was also impressed with the complimentary toilet packs containing all the necessary items, plus luxury Bvlgari creams and eau de toilette. For dinner there were six options, including ‘healthy’ alternatives. Our pre-dinner drinks were served with warm roasted nuts – a nice touch. The on-board ICE entertainment system offered 1,200 channels, with a wide selection of classic movies and TV programmes, as well as music, video games and the latest news. In-seat SMS, email and satellite phone facilities were available, as well as an in-seat power source.

You could also use your own GSM cell phone for calls and to send SMS messages during the flight. The only criticism I have is the lack of decent news channels, with only BBC news scrolled along the bottom of the screen. The meal was delicious with outstanding wines and champagne, complemented by Royal Doulton fine bone china and Robert Welch cutlery. There was also a very good range of fine whiskeys, cognacs and liqueurs, and I was even able to order a cappuccino. The service during the entire flight was exceptional – the attendants were very pro-active in offering hot towels, plenty of water, additional blankets, snacks and top-ups of drinks. There was also a very appetising selection of snacks and fresh fruit, plus hot drinks available in the kitchen area throughout the night.


Dubai airport was large, noisy and extremely busy, but also efficient and well organised, with an abundance of friendly and helpful staff on hand. That being said, we did have to go through security on disembarking, which wasn’t a pleasant experience. We were asked to remove shoes and belts, as well as watches and jewellery, which I wasn’t comfortable with, as it was placed loosely in a plastic tray and shoved through the X-ray system.


A good option, if you want to arrive in Dubai refreshed and ready to conduct business. There really was nothing that I could find fault with, in terms of service, facilities, food, drinks and the seating. Emirates Business Class gets the thumbs-up.



Jane Walker