Emirates updates corporate loyalty programme

Emirates recently commissioned an independent survey on the perception and habits of over 800 business travellers and decision makers in the UAE, and the results of that survey has led the airline to revamp its corporate loyalty programme, Emirates Business Rewards. The key findings include the need for cost effectiveness and flexibility in corporate travel. According to the survey, the top the factors considered for airline selection were fare (30%), flight timings (26%), and value for money (23%). One new feature of Emirates Business Rewards is the ability to use points to book any commercially-available seat at any time, offering a cash-like convenience. According to the survey, respondents most commonly book business travel online directly with the airline, so Emirates Business Rewards has enhanced user-experience with easy-to-use customer dashboards. These include tools to manage and book services for employees, and monitor the savings accumulated so far on the programme. Enrolment has also been simplified and the introduction of the ‘Guest Traveller’ function means that organisations can include non-company persons, such as consultants, or clients who travel on behalf of the organisation, and still earn Business Rewards points.