HRG Rennies Travel Red Stamp Club


HRG Rennies Travel in South Africa has launched its national Red Stamp Club programme. The plan is for this initiative to help corporate clients improve the management of their accommodation spend, as part of their travel management programmes.

HRG Rennies made this move as a result of the shift from traditional hotels to B&Bs and guesthouses.

The Red Stamp Club is a partnership between corporate clients and accommodation establishments. It is not a grading system, but rather a framework that addresses needs such as safety for travellers, standardisation of processes and access to compliant and accurate data.

Corporate clients get a central online database of reputable establishments, a dedicated B&B support team at HRG Rennies Travel, health and safety validation, and SARS compliant invoices. There are no more pre-payments, and invoices are signed when checking out. Further, rates are negotiated, in an attempt to save money.

Some benefits for accommodation establishments include access to a larger customer base, preferred partner status, and streamlined accounting and administration processes.

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