Kenyan Commuter Rail Project receives funds


According to eTuboNews, the Nairobi Commuter Rail Project has received $200 million to improve the traffic situation in Kenya’s capital city.

Sections of the commuter line are already in operation, but the focus will now be on linking Jomo Kenyatta International Airport with the city centre and expanding the network to outlying areas around the capital, to offer reliable rail services and help decongest the city’s daily traffic nightmare.

The recent passing of the Private Public Partnership bill into law has paved the way for the private sector to legally come on board for such major infrastructure projects.

Combined with plans by the Kenya National Highway Authority, the project will complete the southern bypass and cross-city highway connections already well under construction, and start work on the proposed ‘double decker highway’ across the city from Mombasa Road, along Uhuru Highway, down Waiyaki Way and beyond, to the Western outskirts of the city.