Lonrho Column


Your Friend in Africa

I’m truly excited by the opening of the latest Lonrho hotel in Gaborone. To be honest, the excitement isn’t caused by us adding a further 153 bedrooms to our network, but that we’ve at last been able to put into action a few innovative ideas that I trust the Lansmore Masa Square guest will appreciate. 

As part of our role as the business traveller’s friend, arriving guests are offered the next day’s shirt or blouse pressed, as soon as they have arrived in their room. And that’s for no extra charge. Anxiety about connectivity is removed by Masa Square featuring the new Lonrho connection lounge, which offers high-speed Internet connection, access to the hotel’s daily virtual community, and the ability to print those critical pages or a boarding pass direct from your device, on the ‘guest only’ printer. 

But staying at Masa Square shouldn’t merely be about being prepared for the day’s business. It’s important that as a guest you are appreciated as an individual – an individual who wishes to enjoy life a little too. After you’ve settled into your accommodation at Lansmore Masa Square, you’ll be greeted at breakfast by someone we like to call our ‘African Mama’. She’s actually your Gaborone Mama, who I hope will get to know you and how you like your breakfast made. We hope that will eliminate the frustration of having to re-order every morning, or repeat how you like your tea or coffee made, or your eggs done, whether it’s boiled, scrambled or poached. With our African Mama in charge, you will be well looked after.

My personal favourite is the coffee experience we offer. That is, quite simply, that wherever a guest is within Lansmore Masa Square, they can enjoy a wonderful Espretto coffee or another hot beverage. The team has worked hard to create the environment in which, whether it’s on a conference, or up in your bedroom, or just sitting reading the day’s news at the network tables, a freshly-brewed African original Espretto coffee is always just one ask away.

I hope you’ll find the time to stay and enjoy Lansmore Masa Square. Let me know what you think.

See you in departures.

Ewan Cameron – CEO: Lonrho Hotels